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Seasons Greetings

Let the festivities begin! If you're stuck for Christmas and New Year's serves check out my list of exciting cocktails ready to get the party started. Here's a few of my favorite concoctions. Created by myself and shot by Dorset Food & Drink Photographer Richard Budd.     The Amalfi Sorbet Royale Italicus Rosolio de Bergamot is a delicate Italian liqueur with a unique flavour profile somewhere between a dry vermouth and a bitter. It also boasts amazing natural sweetness that allows it to be a stand out ingredient or an effective modifier. Italicus 30ml Real Ginger 10ml Belaire Gold 50ml Thomas Henry Tonic 40ml Finest Call single pressed Lemon 10ml 1 quinelle of Lemon Sorbet Build and stir Place Mint sprig Sorbet and ginger slices on top. Serve in a balloon glass. This cocktail is great as an amuse bouche/ aperitif beverage. Serve at your New Years Eve party with seafood based canapes. Latvian Cherry Sour

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